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Donation Options

Our progress is made possible thanks to our amazing donors! All in-kind and monetary donations are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

Has your company recently upgraded all your technology and are looking for free sustainable options to dispose of your old equipment? Consider donating to We Care Act NYC! We provide free pickup services locally in New York City on any day of the week as well as no liability for the technology you donate; our e-waste management partner, 4THBIN, provides certified data cleansing before we repurpose the equipment. Learn about the different ways you can turn your old technology into promise for underserved students around New York City.

*Donations may be eligible for tax-deductible receipts. Please email for any questions or concerns.

Donate a laptop

Have any used laptops you don't need? Consider giving your old devices a new home by donating them. Before refurbishing them, we hand them to our certified e-recycling partner, 4THBIN, who handles wiping all the customer data so you won't have to.

Monetary contributions

Cash donations help our volunteers prepare for the worst with refurbishing supplies, kits, or spare computer parts. When donating, please include 'NYC' in the description box!

Request a laptop

In-need of a laptop? See eligibility and complete the prerequisite application process here and we'll get back to you in 1-2 days.

Other in-kind donations

Have a used e-reader, iPad, tablet, phone, or even calculator you don't need? We refurbish and donate these items to support education organizations around the city as well.