Looking for operational managing experience or just want to lend a hand at We Care Act NYC events?

Available Volunteering Positions

There's no application process to become a member, all you have to do is show up to events! However, if you want to get more involved with managerial/hands-on tasks and gain experience in the non-profit sector, you can apply to our volunteer internships below. All internship positions require a minimum two-week commitment period after which applicants may decide if they would like to commit to an associate promotion or resign.

Table of contents

Human Resources Representative

Human Resources Representative


  • Reviewing staff applications and maintaining good judgement for recruitment given the applicant's responses
  • Interviewing prospective members with thoughtful questions and taking notes during interviews
  • Working with Google Sheets
  • Managing the workflows and checking in on departments regularly
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coordinating with other HR Co-Manager and staff to consistently improve the internal flow of the organization
  • At least a 5 hour weekly commitment

Marketing Team

Marketing Team


  • Managing this Instagram page
  • Managing & collaborating on digital marketing campaigns
  • Performing content research
  • Creating infographics & performing content research
  • Learning effective marketing tactics (SEO, data-driven personalization, technology usage) and applying them to the real world
  • Work in our social media platform to build and deliver e-communications

Event Logistics and Coordination Team

Event Logistics Intern


  • Coordinating with or reaching out to professionals in the real world to ensure the best experience for our volunteers at public events
  • Planning and managing event services such as merchandise, venues, transportation, and registration
  • Create event planning timelines
  • Communicating with the marketing department to commission posts

Digital Outreach Team

Community Outreach Intern


  • Performing research on organizations that We Care Act NYC can partner with
  • Organizing this research so We Care Act NYC can deem whether the prospective partnership is viable
  • Writing professional emails to possible partners in an eloquent manner that will ensure the maximum possibility of success

Journalism/Editorial Staff

Journalist/Editorial Staff Intern


  • Being able to thoroughly research companies or organizations that We Care Act NYC is partnered with in order to write articles or reports about the work we're doing
  • Work with other journalists to build and deliver well structured and informative articles on a bi-weekly basis
  • Research recent events relating to We Care Act NYC's mission statement and report on such events