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Creating a sustainable future, one computer at a time.

We believe that access to technology and education is crucial in today's world. We're providing low-income, underserved students with free or reduced-cost computers and helping them gain the skills and tools needed for a brighter future.

Repurposing tech,
empowering futures

Distributed to students around the world
Pounds of electronics diverted
Students and families can achieve more
Aug 3, 2022

Two Birds, One Stone: Students Tackle the Digital Divide and E-Waste Crisis in New York City

Learn how We Care Act NYC is helping students in New York City by providing free computers, addressing both the digital divide and the growing e-waste crisis.


Aug 3, 2022

Announcement: WCA NYC x 4THBIN

We’re thrilled to announce that We Care Act NYC is partnering with 4THBIN, an e-Stewards 4.0 certified organization in electronic waste management!


Aug 6, 2022

Crypto Mining: An Environmental Hazard

The rise of crypto has not only delivered wealth to a select number of people and a technologically bright future for finance, but it has also raised major environmental concerns surrounding its energy use and crypto miners.


How it works

Whether you're a student or a donor, we're always working on making your experience with us as smooth as possible.



Apply: Provide us with your information and details about your donation.


Schedule: We'll contact you to schedule a time and location. Please send us a spreadsheet of inventory in the meantime.


Pick up: On the day of delivery, we'll collect your donation at no cost to you.


Receipt: We'll send you a tax receipt for your donation if you request it.

Changing Lives through Technology

Your donations not only provide essential technology but also inspire confidence, creativity, and a love of learning in the students we serve.

Our students have gone on to excel academically, develop new skills, and even launch their own initiatives, all made possible by your support. These stories serve as a testament to the lasting impact your donations have on individual lives and the broader community.


"A student has had a major turnaround since getting one of those computers, ranging from school work to English acquisition, to even her mental health telecounseling. Thank you for these!"

The donation of 10 beautiful iPads has been amazing for Tech Kids Unlimited. Not only are we using them to do animation workshops with our neurodiverse students, but they are also a great way for students who become dis-regulated or anxiety-ridden to take a breather/break and have a fun time to watch a favorite video or play a game. Thank you so much!


Beth Rosenberg

Executive Director, Tech Kids Unlimited

I do not currently go to school, but I would like to study a University career in the future. I am 31 years old, and am interested in the field of Industrial Engineering. Prior to having the computer, I would help my children with their homework on a piece of paper, but I urgently needed the computer to search for more information to help them. The computer has currently been helpful in my investigations and also in managing all my work. It will also help me and my children in our scientific and technological learning.


Omar, Venezuela

I needed a computer, and the computer I received is very helpful for homework and study. Thank you!


Jiho Park, 10th grade

The computer has been a great help to me for the past few months, as I found it beneficial to me with my academics, along with using it for recreational activities. The computer has been in use well, and I am grateful for being able to have this opportunity.


John Choi, 11th grade

With the new computer, I can use it to do all of my school work. I can complete all my assignments easily. Having my personal computer makes me feel like I have more privacy. I have a computer that is separate and only mine, and I am grateful I was able to get one.


Eunice Park, 6th grade

Before receiving the computer I would do my work on paper, but it took time and was difficult to manage by the end of the week. My family and I really needed the computer to sort through our immigration details, particularly all of the paperwork. Having this computer has helped me focus on my studies and teaches me how to use technology, as I get to learn how to use the internet and the machine.


Osmariel, Project Rousseau

I’m from Colombia. I go to a Dual Language middle school. I am 12 years old. I like reading, mathematics and Spanish. I couldn't do my homework and I had to do homework on paper and I needed the computer a lot because my parents can access the sites without problems and me to be able to do my homework and complete it.


Aishal, 7th grader

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