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Creating a sustainable future, one laptop at a time.

As technology continues to improve, accessibility doesn't. We exist to serve as a means by which students in New York City can gain access to laptops and other electronic devices to help accelerate their education.


Students will have access to a personal computer before January, 2023


Pounds of electronics diverted from landfills and refurbished


Of students we serve will no longer face technological barriers when completing homework

We Care Act NYC laptop donation in Shin Kwan Church, Queens

Our Vision

We envision New York as a city in which all students have sufficient access to electronic devices and the Internet to pursue their academic careers and passions. Initially focusing on education, our source of motivation stemmed from testimonials from our peers in New York City, living in disinvested neighborhoods and attending schools in underfunded school districts, struggling with their schoolwork and home situations. As students, we believe in investing in each others' futures and in striving to foster the next generation of leaders.

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Osayamen, Student, Bronx

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with computers. I wanted to press each and every single button on the keyboard to see what unique effect it created. Considering the fact that I didn’t have a phone, the internet in general was a mystery to me and I hoped to explore it. Rushing to the library every blue moon when I didn’t have basketball practice and begging my mom for her work computer that she wouldn’t let me use was not cutting it, so everytime I found myself yearning for a computer to code on. Or explore the free animation software Blender (accessible to only computers) I tried to ignore. When I got to highschool and received a school computer I was elated. I could finally do all the things that I’d been wanting to do for so many years. Except I couldn’t, a school computer allowed me to surf the web and code using IDE’s (integrated development environment) but it did not let me download applications. I still couldn’t download Blender and explore animation. My whole life I’ve been into art and I’ve tried all types of art mediums. But now I want to take my art to a whole new level by doing 3d modeling and animation. But in order to do that I need a computer of my own.

Our Valued Partners

Learn about our partners and sponsors who make every donation possible.

4THBINSpuyten Duyvil LibraryProject Rousseau

“The donation of 10 beautiful iPads has been amazing for Tech Kids Unlimited. Not only are we using them to do animation workshops with our neurodiverse students, but they are also a great way for students who become dis-regulated or anxiety-ridden to take a breather/break and have a fun time to watch a favorite video or play a game. Thank you so much!”

Beth Rosenberg
Executive Director, Tech Kids Unlimited