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People working on computers

Who We Are

We Care Act NYC operates under We Care Act, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed empowering underserved students by providing them with free or low-cost computers and electronic devices. We believe in fostering digital literacy and expanding opportunities by exposing young leaders to the vast potential of technology-related frontiers.

We believe in...


Empowering students through taking away barriers of technology access and placing the Internet's resources at the tip of their fingers.


Diverting electronics from companies and renewing their life to help students and our Earth thrive.


Leveraging technology and education through tutoring services, programming resources, and technological guidance.

Our Story

Founded by students at the Bronx High School of Science in 2021, We Care Act NYC aims to provide underserved students in New York City with access to personal digital devices.

We obtain computer donations from our partners and corporations from around the five boroughs who no longer need the technology and seek ways to give back to their community. With these generous donations, we are able to take used equipment, refurbish and renew them, and donate them to disinvested communities and students around NYC.

Environmentally Conscious

A large focus of our mission is sustainability. Our volunteers are dedicated to fight for a green New York, and we embrace environmentalism in our process of renewing and recycling electronic devices.

Jeffrey Yang, Bronx Science, at a park cleanup in 2021.


Our workshops help volunteers learn the basics of computer hardware, software, and computer hygeine to help them repair technology for a better future.

Volunteer workshop collecting used computers.

We Care Act In Action

Learn more about our organization's roots in tech with our project, Life Initiative for Technology (L.I.F.T.)

Source: 2018 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards