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As technology continues to improve, accessibility doesn't. We exist to serve as a means by which students in New York City can gain access to laptops and other electronic devices to help accelerate their education.

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We envision New York as a city in which all students have sufficient access to electronic devices and the Internet to pursue their academic careers and passions. Initially focusing on education, our source of motivation stemmed from testimonials from our peers in New York City, living in disinvested neighborhoods and attending schools in underfunded school districts, struggling with their schoolwork and home situations. As students, we believe in investing in each others' futures and in striving to foster the next generation of leaders.

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Student, Manhattan

I am a rising junior and attend a school in Manhattan. I am originally from the Central African Republic. My family are refugees and we fled violence when I was in middle school. I would either share my siblings' devices or come to the Project Rousseau office where there were a handful of laptops. It was very difficult to learn during the pandemic as we had limited access to devices and internet at home. My grades suffered.

Student, Harlem

I am a rising senior at a Harlem public school. My family is from Kosovo and left due to the genocide just before I was born. I love to draw and I want to be a veterinarian in the future. Having a laptop is very important to me because it allows me to conduct research and find out more information about things that interest me. Right now I am applying to college and need a laptop to write my essay and complete the Common Application.

Student, New York

I am going into 10th grade. I love singing and want to be an actress. I recently came to the USA from Mali. I do not have a laptop at home. I have to use my phone for school work. For someone like me who's not with my parents, I use the internet to talk to my parents.

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